Sonic Logging Test Pipe

Sonic Logging test pipe and easy installation by worker. 2 Push-fit assembly.3 .No welding required at job site.

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Sonic logging test tube 

KWAYT Sonic tubes are Push-fit type CSL tubes are made by thin black annealed steel tube, with an enlarge end in a bell mouth shape .Specially designed rubber gasket for the bell mouth ensure quick installation and perfect sealing to keep the tube integrity and avoid the entry of other material.

Drilled shafts are prepared for integrity testing by CSL during their construction by installation of at least three tubes with a minimum inside diameter of 50mm, These tubes are usually attached to the reinforcement cage along the full length of the shafts. After concrete has been poured, the tubes are filled with water.


Other USES of sound measuring tubes

In addition to being used as a testing channel and replacing part of the steel section, the acoustic pipe can also be used as a pipe for grouting pile bottom.The test shows that the bearing capacity of the grouted pile can be greatly increased.At the same time, the acoustic testing pipe can also be used as the pipe for flushing the defects of the accident pile and slurry treatment.

Ultrasonic transmission detection, the sound of the overall requirements of the pipe is: joint solid not off, seal leakage;Pipe wall formation is not discounted, smooth without deformation;The pipe body is vertical and not askew;The tube is free of foreign bodies.

When the sound testing tube material or installation process is poor, it may cause leakage of slurry, pipe plugging, fracture, bending, sinking, deformation and other accidents, which will have a great impact on the ultrasonic transmission method for pile foundation integrity testing, or even unable to carry out the ultrasonic transmission method testing.


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