50mm Sonic Tube

50mm Sonic tube :1 fast and easy handling by operatives 2. No equipment required.3. No preparation time

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50mm Sonic tube

Product Description

Product type : Push fit type sonic tube 

Material :Q195etc.

OD:50MM ,53MM,57MM,112MM,163MM.

The length with 5.8m or 6m


Simply the fastest way to build a CSL testing environment.

Safe reconnection. No special tooling and no welding required.

Especially recommended for the assembly of prefabricated cages which have been previously equipped with Sonitec tubes.

For more advanced applications, additional accessories and FRP tube version also available. Please refer to documentation.


The sound measuring pipe can be directly fixed on the inside of the reinforcement cage: the fixing method can be welded or tied, and the pipes should be kept basically parallel to each other -- if the test results need to evaluate the strength of concrete at each measuring point, the non-parallelism should be controlled below 1‰.Reinforcement cage should be placed into the pile hole to prevent distortion.[1]

The pipe is generally installed in sections along with the steel cage, and the joint between each section can adopt the anti-thread socket joint or the sleeve welding scheme, as shown in FIG. 8: if the bellows are adopted, the bellows of a larger size can be used for the joint, and the two ends of the sleeve pipe can be wrapped and sealed with adhesive tape.Both the joint scheme must ensure that under high hydrostatic pressure not leak slurry, interface wall should be kept flat, there should be no welding slag, burr and other projections, shift of the freely so as not to interfere with the probe, the sound should be sealed on the bottom of the tube, after the installation should be easy to use cork plug, to avoid falling into a foreign body, when pouring concrete channel congestion.


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