What Are The Advantages Of The Alloy Steel Pipe
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Pipe fittings and connections are very important. In the development history of pipe fittings, there are many accidents caused by pipe fittings and connection quality questions, resulting in huge economic losses and adverse effects. However, it is very difficult to develop a new pipe fittings and connection method. A successful connection method often takes more energy and longer time compared with the development of pipe material. The tube parts production of the alloy steel tube is different from that of the pipe production. The production pipe is generally used for the injection molding process, and the material and proportion of the pipe fittings. The requirements are higher. In the development of pipe fittings, there is also a problem worthy of the attention of the industry, that is, the connection and fittings of small caliber tubes (such as 020m m below) with large diameter (such as 050mm), and have different characteristics in many aspects. But do not think that thread connection method is successful in small diameter pipe, and think it can also be applied to large diameter pipe.

Any way of piping connection simply expands the scope of use, which often leads to failure in a wide range. The reasonable ratio of pipe and fittings production abroad is 8:I. In recent years, through the introduction of equipment and technology, most of the pipe fittings have been produced in China, and many new types of pipe fittings have been developed. The ratio of pipe and pipe production capacity of alloy steel tube is also more reasonable. In the future, we should strengthen the development of pipe fittings and form large-scale production, and focus on the development of a new type of large caliber water supply and drainage pipe fittings, PAP pipe, PE-X pipe joint pipe fittings, PE, PP-R tube electric melting pipe fittings, the establishment of advanced new pipe fittings production base, and the continuous development and lifting of the output and quality of the executive accessories. The direction of the effort. It is more important to have a long test of practice. Therefore, some developers are unwilling to invest manpower and capital in the research and development of pipe fittings and connection methods, which is not wise. The fact shows that at present, in the new type of pipe material, especially the water supply pipe, which kind of pipe can take the lead in the connection method and the development of the pipe fittings, the alloy steel tube has the very fast development opportunity and the broad market. In general, the performance requirements for the pipe fittings are basically the same as that of the pipes, including the mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical resistance, pressure resistance, sealing and good long-term performance of the materials.