How To Reduce The Consumption Of The Alloy Steel Pipe?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The cost of alkali corrosion accounts for a large proportion in the anodizing process of aluminum. The low cost of alkali corrosion of alloy steel pipes has become an important issue concerned by manufacturers. The following aspects are important to save the cost of alkali corrosion. The pretreatment before alkali corrosion is carefully done. Material adsorbed on the surface of aluminum parts without alkali corrosion solution should be removed by corresponding measures in advance to avoid repeated alkali corrosion in the negative alkali process. Because of repeated alkali corrosion, it will not only consume too much alkali corrosion solution, but also have adverse effect on the surface quality of the parts, and may even be not too high in the concentration of waste alkali corrosion solution.

Alkali etching solution is too thick and viscous, and the amount of the parts taken out from the alkali etching solution increases accordingly. The alloy steel pipe is more likely to cause pitting corrosion of the parts. The temperature of caustic solution should not be too high, and the rate of alkali etching is too high when the alkali solution temperature is too high. In order to avoid the corrosion of the parts and the appearance of the flow marks, it is very hasty to take out the parts from the trough, and the surface alkaline solution of the parts must be sent to the sink, so the amount of the solution will increase. At the same time, a large number of ammonia bubbles escaped, and the environment was broken. The temperature of the alkaline etching solution should not be too low. When the alkali corrosion temperature is too low, the alkali corrosion effect is poor, and the alloy steel tube often needs repeated alkali corrosion back and forth, thus the gloss of the alkali corrosion solution is also increased after the alkali corrosion. Add the recycling tank.

After alkali corrosion in alkaline corrosion solution, the ratio of the amount ratio of the part to the part of the part is three times higher than that of the deoiling tank when the steel parts are deoiling. This is because the speed of the aluminum casting groove is faster and the alkali corrosion solution is sticky, so it becomes very important to recover the material and improve the material after the alkali corrosion. Environmental Science. When the temperature of corrosion solution of alloy steel pipe is as high as 60 ~ 70C, the alkali corrosion solution should be supplemented at any time with the increase of stripping and evaporation. The recovery solution is just used to supplement, and the use of the national collection solution to supplement both water and points, there is a certain temperature, from all aspects of concern is very necessary. The concentration of alkaline solution in the recovery tank is also very high. After the recovery tank is treated, it must be cleaned and out of light, otherwise the workpiece will also oxidize.