Common Use Of Seamless Steel Pipe
- Aug 07, 2018 -

In the process of modern production, we often use the materials such as steel tubes. Because the requirements of the production are different, the production process is different, so there are different kinds of steel pipes, and the straight pipe is used as a common type in the laying of our pipes.

Today to give you a simple introduction, to do a simple description of the method of derusting straight steel pipe, the interested friends may do a simple understanding. First of all, we can use some special solvent to clean the surface of steel, in general, it can be very good to remove dust, oil, but general. The solvent has no excessively scavenging effect on the rust produced by a straight steel pipe. It can only be used as an auxiliary means. If we want to remove the rust part, we need to take other methods. Acid washing is one of them. Generally, we divide us into two ways of chemical and electrolysis, combined with the actual situation of pipeline laying. It is often used only by chemical acid washing to remove rust, although it will have some effect, but it is also very easy to produce pollution, of course, in addition to this, we can also choose to use special rust removal tools for rust removal, which is often the most significant.