What will affect the efficiency of the sonic tube
- Aug 07, 2018 -

At present, the raw material of the acoustic tube we used is 195 carbon steel. The quality of the acoustic tube directly affects the service life of the pile foundation. It should be used to remove the dirt and the phosphating before use, and to remove the rust. The pulse acoustic tube should pay attention to the lack of the welding and burr during the welding process. The solder joints and burrs left by the acoustic tube welding determine the service life of the single machine pulse duster bag. The welding and burrs will cause the damage of the pile foundation in the process of use, and the dust accumulated in the process of use will be discharged with the wound of the cloth bag, such as repair or repair. 

After the replacement, the work will affect the whole process. After making the molding, galvanizing, chromization, plastic or organosilicon processing are generally used to prevent the impact of the acoustic tube from being used in the process of use, such as corrosion, high temperature, vibration and so on. It is clear that every part of the operation, whether the damage or failure of the part, will affect the use efficiency of the acoustic tube, and the service life of the acoustic tube will be seriously affected.