The cause and treatment of the plugging of sonic tube
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The cause and disposal of the plugging of the sonic tube

The reasons for the deformation and plugging of sonic tube are mainly as follows:

The joints of the pipes or pipes are not well sealed. During the construction process, mud or cement slurry is required to cause blockage.

During the installation and filling process, the sonic tube is distorted or collided, causing the dislocation of the sonic tube joint or the deformation of the pipe wall. The main reason for this is the use of thin-walled sonic tube.

In the limestone area, the punching holes are not good and the steel cage is difficult to sink.

When the pile head is broken, the pipe plugging caused by the workers' attention is dropped. The deformation and plugging of the sonic tube has brought great difficulties to the detection, and even can not be detected. In this case, effective measures should be taken to ensure the smooth operation of ultrasonic testing when the pipe is blocked before the pile is watered. There are three ways to pass through the tube with a thick long steel bar, rinse the pipe with high pressure water, and use a drill to carry out the hole with a small bit.

When the blockage is seriously unable to pass through the tube, the following treatment principles must be followed: when the first pile of a bridge is used, the core testing must be carried out. When the non first pile of a bridge is not the first pile, the construction unit will declare the change detection method. In order to implement it, if a bridge is blocked for many times, drill core detection must be carried out at the right time.