Method of prolonging the service life of pipe material
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The life of lengthening the service life of the spiral tube first thought is to do its anticorrosion work, because the storage of the pipe in the outdoor, through the wind blowing rain is the most easy to rust, and thus suffer from corrosion. When the pipe is processed, it can add anti-corrosion products, the corrosion inside the user tube, and also improve the smoothness of the pipes.

Since the above mention of the manufacture of spiral pipe, then we say it's processing, pipe processing requirements of large diameter is to improve the pressure resistance of thick-walled pipe. The thickness is half of the tube wall, such as steel welded into double tube, and the strength will be higher than that of the non single tube, so as to prevent damage. To strengthen the level of steelmaking technology and control rolling in a large amount, so as to improve the toughness and weldability.

In addition to the above several points can extend the service life of the spiral tube, in addition to the daily use of attention to its maintenance work, after all, the production process is certain, will be limited, and can not be maintained for a long time, so it needs a certain maintenance work to extend the service life.