Installation process of acoustic tube
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The sonic tube can be used as a grouting pipe for pile bottom, besides being used as a detection channel and replacing some sections of reinforcing bars. The test proves that the bearing capacity of the cast-in-place piles treated by pile bottom slurry can be greatly improved. At the same time, the acoustic testing pipe can also be used as the pipeline for the flushing and grouting treatment of the defective parts of the accident pile, so measures should be taken to pierce the pipeline at the defective parts where grouting is needed.

The requirements of ultrasonic transmission method are: the joint is not open, the seal does not leak, the tube wall is smooth and not discounted, the tube is smooth and no deformation; the pipe body is vertical and no skew; the pipe is smooth and free of foreign objects.

When the acoustic tube material or the installation process is poor, it may cause the accident of leakage, pipe plugging, fracture, bending, sinking, deformation and so on. It has a great influence on the integrity testing of the pile foundation by ultrasonic transmission method, even the ultrasonic transmission method can not be carried out.

The high strength double seal hydraulic acoustic tube has designed two convex grooves at the end of the socket, and with a seal ring inside the convex groove, the socket end of the product is inserted into the end of the socket 10cm, and then the two convex grooves are extruded with a special hydraulic clamp, and the pipes of the extruded parts shrink and the outer pipe between the two grooves is deep. Falling into the inner pipe, thus effectively realizing the reliable connection of this product; at the same time, the rubber sealing ring is attached between the two layers of pipes after being extruded, and it has played a very good double insurance seal.

The advantage of high strength double sealed hydraulic acoustic tube is to fully consider all the elements involved in the use of the acoustic tube, and achieve the leading performance at home and in the world from all aspects.